Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday May 9, 2009. Start of something.

So today, as per usual, I spent my Saturday cordoned off on my throne, exploring the finer films of our time. Today could be the start of a series of blogs that chronicle what I watch and spend my limited time doing. Or it could be the start of a short series of needless Internet chatter. I haven't made up m mind yet. I'm really tired now so I better start before I fall asleep.

Film I

Good luck Chuck

Director: Don't Care.

I had heard that this flick was a hoot. Previously had never thunk it to see. Glad I did. Having never laughed out loud at most comedies I was pleased to find myself constantly stifling my laughs as to not wake my girlfriend. I like Dane Cook. I'm a terrible person. Plus Jessica Alba is now hot in my book(pants).

Film II

Death Sentence.

Director: James Wan.

Star: Kevin Bacon.

As I am not a huge fan of the torture porn genre or a fan of the first Saw film at all I believe that the film would have passed by my eyes unseen had it not been for the bald Kevin Bacon on the cover of the DVD. I'm pretty glad I picked it up. A thoroughly better film than Saw, I found myself actually riveted by the happenings onscreen. While I could find little to no pity or empathy for Kelly Preston's character or her children, the less whiny artists and hockey players the better, I almost believed in Sir Bacon's performance. His depiction of a father who seeks revenge for the deaths of his family was by no means phoned in. This film most likely had backing by the studios because of the obvious success of the Saw films but I'm sure was mishandled when being promoted. I had never heard about this until it hit DVD. It is a shame because I would have enjoyed a night out at the cheap theatres, Pabst in hand, watching the destruction caused by Kevin Bacon.

Self note: Seek out more James Wan.
Self note(reprise): Checked Scratch further viewings of James Wan flicks.

Film III

Thriller: They Call Her One Eye.

Fucking Christ. Brutal. Young girl is raped and therefore never speaks again due to the mental distress. Years later, she gets picked up by pimp at bus stop, sold into prostitution and hooked on heroin. After lashing out at customer, her eye is taken by pimp and is given one more chance to behave. Now, eye patch in hand, the young woman, with one day off a week, uses it to train in gun handling, martial arts, and driving skills with the extra money earned from her Johns and her unfortunate-looking Jane. In a series of revenge killings that I can only describe as beautiful and vicious( displayed through the use of some interesting slow motion photography) I was taken aback as I rarely am in reaction to the cinematic violence. There is a sort of realism and feeling that flows freely from this film. I'm not sure if it is the graininess of the film or through the performances of the actors but I will be seeing this again and searching out the actress's other works.

Also watched the last chapter to Dogville. Impressed by the delivery. Also watched the Fifth Element. Forgot how good it was.
OK. about to fall asleep. feeling sick. this has been a terrible post. will refine.