Friday, May 22, 2009

Todd Phillips Has a Thing For Wang

I guess that it is fitting that I had a headache throughout the entirety of the Hangover. That is not to say that it was induced by the film, however. Standing outside in the sun without sunglasses to shade my delicate eyeballs for great lengths of time surrounded by fat, wastes of life chowing down on fast food while roaming in scooters spells a good chance for my head to swell.

Signing up for sneak preview programs affords me the chance to see upcoming movies that I have been interested in but unfortunately too indebted to afford. On the other hand, I am "afforded" the chance to build a tolerance to the other group of people that use these services: poor, obese things that either have succumbed to their shear massiveness and now move about with the help of a struggling Hoveround or are on their way to the same inevitability with cane in hand. I'm used to sitting at home in a more or less controlled environment. When in public I am forced to keep my mouth shut and resist the urge to jump onto the lap of a human beanbag chair and whip it repeatedly, urging it onward toward the middle of the street by removing their headphones expectorating the clash of top-40 and whispering "mush". The result is a twitch that starts in my eye and slowly builds to a crescendo encompassing my pate as I labor to unravel why people do this to themselves. At this point I have to remind myself to calm down lest I end up like the guy in Scanners.

At this point I should embrace humanity's collision course for failure and make light of the situation but I fear the consequences will send me into a never ending fit. That said, after three hours of waiting for the movie to start, I was joined by my friends Phil, Jonah, Oinkey, Cash, and a new acquaintance, Andrea(?), in a very enjoyable flick. Having not been a fan of Todd Phillips previous comedy, Old School, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself forgiving the woman who was talking behind me and enjoyed the ninety minute Hangover.

I don't know if I have been watching the lamest comedies for the past number of years or if I have entered into a universe where only Wayne's World, Anchorman, Ace Ventura, Dazed and Confused and Solomon Brothers exist. Most comedies fall flat for me either through bad writing or because I am desensitized to the point that I need hairy, Asian balls on the screen to muster up a chuckle. I am here to say that the Hangover is HILARIOUS. I don't say this lightly. I loathe watching comedies except for the aforementioned few. I'd rather spend my time watching rape-revenge or borstal system movies filmed twenty years ago. I'm going to catch this one again either in the theatre or when I buy it on DVD. There is a new breed of comedic actor now and I am excited about the new direction in which these filmed gags are being taken.

I'm not going to list a run-down of the movie's plot because that is not what is important. I'm not sure that this will be that type of blog, anyway. The important thing is that you go see this movie with a friend or loved one when it comes out. Enjoy it.