Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bring On the Trash!

Having an affinity for things below the mainstream, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are companies with my thoughts in mind. One in particular is Synapse Films, specializing in releasing hard to find "digitally remastered films in the Horror, Science Fiction, Cult and Independent genres on available Home Video formats". Through Synapse I have purchased Thriller: A Cruel Picture and will follow that up by purchasing Nail Gun Massacre and Brain Damage at some point. Synapse has a series of DVDs pulling trailers of old exploitation films together in volumes entitled 42nd Street Forever, the first of which I have just watched via Netflix.

42nd Street Forever (Vol. 1) showcases films from such typical exploitation genres as horror, britsploitation, blaxploitation, juvenile delinquent teensploitation, martial arts, giallo(Italian horror/slasher), splatter, slasher, shock, sexploitation, rape/revenge, mondo, and biker films. These films are short on morality but full of blood, guts, boobs, drugs, sexism, words unfavorable to certain races and all other sorts to get people like me "excited" to watch film. Many trailers feature scenes of a graphic(awesome) nature. Scenes that might have religious believers or followers of a more conservative closed-minded ideology shut their eyes in disgust run rampant here and beg to be flaunted in front of them if for only the elicited reaction. Exploitation cinema, by definition, often "exploited" lurid subject matter to get viewers into the theaters or drive-ins. The resulting films often suffered in film making "quality" through the use of gimmicks but often excelled in innovation through their unfortunately low budgets. Among the chaff that were the majority of grindhouse films were gems that have since been lost to time or through resurgence in appeal found a new audience. Thriller: A Cruel Picture(They Call Her One Eye), Vanishing Point, Cannibal Holocaust, Last House On The Left, I Spit On Your Grave, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre have since come to be known as classics. A few on this DVD could, if given a wider audience, possibly gain notoriety in film appreciation circles.

A few favorites of mine on the DVD follow:

Thriller: They Call Her One Eye

Boss Nigger

the Pink Angels

the Crippled Master

the Italian Stallion

Blood-Pattered Bride/I Dismember Mama double feature
This is quite the production for a trailer.

Death Has Blue Eyes

Other great trailers include:
Teenage Mother
Charlie and the Hooker
the Undertaker and His Pals
the Flesh and Blood Show
Women and Bloody Terror/Night of Bloody Horror
the Green Slime
the Depraved(a.k.a. Exposed)
Maid in Sweden
Secret Africa
Shocking Asia
the 44 Specialist
Death Drive
the Raiders of Atlantis

At over two hours in length the DVD is most suited to breaking up into multiple sittings. I encourage anyone with an interest in grindhouse films to get the DVD through Netflix. It's not worth buying but is necessary viewing for fans of exploitative film.


I Want My Family Back!! said...

Hey Matt, great post! Some of the trailers aren't showing up though!And I wanna see the trailer for "Boss Nigger"!

ManiteemanPDX said...

Thanks Jonah! I appreciate the feedback. I have checked the post on two different computers and see nothing wrong. Could the problem be on your end?